21 September 2017

First Love Short - My Un-Famous Neighbor is available now!

Soooo my First Love shorts are supposed to be released on Fridays but I accidentally clicked the wrong button and My Un-Famous Neighbor is available on Amazon a day early. Lucky you!

Shelby Cross lives in the literal middle-of-nowhere. The only time people come to her town is because they run out of gas or make a wrong turn. So when a dangerously cute boy and his mom show up at her parent’s diner one morning, it’s a surprise when they announce they plan on living there. Shelby knows that only people with secrets move to the middle-of-nowhere, and she’s right. Clay Thompson has a pretty big secret. He used to be famous. 
My Un-Famous Neighbor is the second novella in Amy Sparling’s new First Love Shorts series. These quick, romantic teen reads are perfect for anyone who loves a good story about finding your first love.

Buy it for 99 cents or read it FREE with Kindle Unlimited: My Un-Famous Neighbor on Amazon.

PS- Don't have Kindle Unlimited? It's like Netflix but for books. You pay a monthly fee and can read all the books you want, including most of mine! Click the link below to get a FREE 30 day trial of Kindle Unlimited. You could technically read all of my books at no cost with this trial! WOOT!

11 September 2017

Introducing First Love Shorts - a new series by Amy Sparling

I recently felt a little overworked from writing one novel a month. I happily do it for my readers though, but recently I've heard that many of you love reading but don't have the time to read full length novels, especially after school starts for the year. 

Soooo, I had an idea that I'm very excited about! First Love Shorts!

What are they?

Weekly short stories that are around 10,000-15,000 words and will only take an hour or two to read. I'm releasing 10 of these in my "First Love" series, and they'll all be fun, romantic, teen stories about finding your first love.

Each new story will be released for Kindle and on Kindle Unlimited on Fridays. The first one is called The Text Dare and will be out this Friday. Read more about it below:

Sixteen-year-old Jess Parker is stuck babysitting her little brother all weekend, which is why she accepts her best friend’s dare: to text the random phone number they found written on a lost piece of algebra homework. When the owner of the number texts back, Jess and Max hit it off through their anonymous conversation. The last thing Jess expected was to spend her boring weekend texting the guy of her dreams, and now that she’s crushing hardcore on a guy she’s never met, she hopes he’s actually the guy he claims to be.
The Text Dare releases on Friday, Sept 15th! Check it out here.

23 August 2017

Introducing In This Moment, a new Novel by Amy Sparling

I'm very excited to announce my new book, In This Moment! This book comes after I took an unplanned one month off of writing. I spent July traveling and going through a seemingly endless To-Do list, and I didn't get a single book written. AH!!! Luckily, that is remedied, and I'm currently finishing up a new story that I love so much.

In This Moment takes place in the same world/high school as In Plain Sight and In Every Way, but it features new characters. It releases Sept 19, 2017!

Here's the blurb:

Clarissa Vale spent all summer building a greenhouse with her grandfather. Since his health is failing, this is the last time she’ll spend quality time with him. The greenhouse is her pride and joy, and the one thing keeping her heart mended after getting dumped by a guy who told her she just wasn’t good enough. So when it gets vandalized on the first day of school, Clarissa vows to find the person responsible and make them pay.
Gavin Voss’ home life is the very definition of shitty. His mom works too hard, too much, and for hardly any pay. His father is a barely-functioning alcoholic with an anger issue like a landmine, waiting to explode. Gavin’s only happiness is the soccer team--that is until the girl in his homeroom class catches his attention. Clarissa is beautiful, strong, and doesn’t put up with his shit. She’s also determined to find out who destroyed her greenhouse.
Gavin falls hard for Clarissa, but he’s keeping a secret. He knows who ruined the greenhouse. When Clarissa learns the truth, she’ll want nothing more to do with him.

Or Pre-order on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2w0Sa0b

Don't want to wait for September 19th? I'm posting sample chapters on Wattpad! For the next 12 days, I'll be posting one new chapters of In This Moment for you to read! 

See below:

17 August 2017

The Summer Series is Available everywhere!

I have exciting news! The Summer Series is now available on every eBook retailer, including libraries!

Click this link to see where you can get this series, which is a spin off from Summer Unplugged:


If you've already read this series, please share with your friends. 😁😁

06 August 2017

Signed paperback sale!

In celebration of opening my online store to buy signed books, I'm selling most books for just $7 each and that includes shipping! (USA shipping only at this time)

Check out my signed book store to buy your copy today! The sale is only available until my stock runs out. When books are reordered they will be back at full price ($12.99)

Amy's Book Store

17 July 2017

Want free audiobooks?

There are now 13 of my books that have been made into audio books, and more are on the way! To celebrate, I want to let everyone in on a cool program Audible has. If you use the link below, you can get two free downloads on Audible.com. Now you can listen to the first book in the The Immortal Mark Series AND Ella's Twisted Senior Year for FREE.

(And if you want to cancel the free trial after it's over, that's fine with me. I did the same thing, lol)

See all of my books on Audible

I love audiobooks because I listen to them in the car and when I take my dog for walks. Are you a fan of audiobooks, are are you new to them? Let me know it the comments!

14 July 2017

Help get Believe in Spring published!

Have you enjoyed reading the new novellas in Jett's series this summer? I've really loved writing them! Unfortunately, my crazy fast publishing schedule of releasing one book every two weeks mixed with the decline in book sales has caught up with me. I don't have the funds to dedicate to publishing Believe in Spring any time soon. I've had to work extra jobs and cut back on writing time to make up for slow book sales and writing always gets pushed to the back burner.

That's where you come in!

I just started a Kickstarter to help me fund the publishing of the final book in Jett's series! I charge 99 cents for the novella on Amazon, (and Amazon adds tax), so on Kickstarter, if you pledge just $1, I will send you a copy of the eBook when it's finished. Easy!

Pledge more and get more. You can find all of the details on the Kickstarter page here:


It would really mean the world to me if you can pledge just $1 to help me get this book into the world.